As a college professor and administrator, Ghazala understands the profound value that access to quality education provides to students of all ages. Early childhood education provides the foundation for academic and social success later in life. Virginia has the potential to be a national leader in providing quality public education for all families, which is a fiscally-sound investment in the future of the Commonwealth. Access to affordable higher education is essential to grow Virginia’s economy and prepare our residents to lead in a rapidly-changing world.


Access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Too many of Virginia’s residents have limited access to quality healthcare services, and we must invest in healthcare for the future of the Commonwealth. Ghazala is dedicated not only to expanding access to healthcare but to protecting all citizens’ rights to make their own decisions about their health. Defending womens’ reproductive rights, supporting Virginia’s recent Medicaid expansion, growing access to comprehensive coverage for all, and expanding access to technologies like telehealth and mobile clinics are all part of Ghazala’s agenda for improving and saving lives across the Commonwealth.

Preventing Gun Violence

Ghazala believes that our leaders in Richmond can do more to keep communities and families safe by keeping guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why she supports common-sense reforms like universal background checks and banning high-capacity magazines.

Protecting the Environment

Virginia’s environment is the foundational rock for all our communities. Protecting clean air, water, and soil is not optional: it’s necessary for our future. Ghazala believes in strong environmental protections and regulations that place people over profits and keep our communities intact.

Developing the Workforce

The workforce is the backbone of any economy. Community colleges and other workforce development organizations are essential to ensuring that the Commonwealth has the skilled workers it needs to maintain economic growth in a rapidly-changing world. Ghazala supports the work of these organizations to ensure that Virginia leads the way in creating economic security for residents.

Broadband Access

There’s a very real “digital divide” in Virginia that creates barriers to educational, social and technological advancement. Too many rural communities have limited access to the digital resources that are taken for granted in urban and suburban environments. Expanding high speed internet access to all Virginia communities is a sound investment in the economic future of the Commonwealth.

Paid Family Leave

Every day, many Virginians are forced to decide between helping their families in times of need or going to work. This is an unfair choice. Establishing a paid family and medical leave program in Virginia will provide security for workers who need to temporarily take time away to care for themselves or a loved one.